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Special Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

Birthdays: Satin Serenity Pillowcases are perfect birthday gifts for friends and family. Personalize them with embroidery with a name, monogram, or special message. Satin Serenity Body/Towel Wraps are also a favorite gift idea, and are beautifully packaged, wrapped with a satin bow. Satin Serenity can even include a gift card with your own personal message and ship directly to the gift recipient. You will see the option for a gift card at checkout.

Weddings: With the summer wedding season approaching soon, we have great ideas to make your shopping a little easier!  Satin Serenity can embroider “Bride” on a white Satin Travel Pillow, and “Groom” on a black Travel Pillow for a unique and fun gift that the couple can take with them on their honeymoon! Another great gift for the couple is to embroider their new last name or initials onto a set of Satin Serenity Pillowcases. Looking for a bridal shower gift? Brides love wearing luxurious Satin Serenity Robes on their wedding day, and these too can be embroidered with “Bride” or a name.

Traveler: Need a Bon Voyage or other travel gift? Satin Serenity’s luxury travel accessories will pamper even the most discernable traveler! Jet-setters love traveling with Satin Serenity Travel Pillows & Travel Blankets. Embroider with a special message such as “Bon Voyage” or “I miss you” for your loved one. Even while traveling by car, plane or boat, all of the beauty benefits of sleeping on a satin pillowcase can still be enjoyed, which means arriving at the destination looking refreshed and free from “bed-head” or sleep lines!