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Spa Line

Our Story

The timeless beauty and luxury of Satin Serenity’s products began with the glamorous Golden Age of Hollywood. As a hairstylist to the movie stars of this era, Crista’s great-aunt, Amy, often traded timeless beauty secrets with her elite clientele.

She eventually shared one of these secrets with Crista’s grandmother - sleeping on satin pillowcases preserves youthful skin and stylishly set hair. Crista’s grandmother began making satin pillowcases of her own, passing on this tradition to Crista and her best friend Lisa. Determined to start a business of their own, Crista and Lisa decided to begin their venture with something that they loved - their satin pillowcases.

After impressing curious spa owners with the beauty and durability of their pillowcases, they began responding to numerous requests for more satin products. Two women with the desire to emulate the style and grace of this golden era, Crista and Lisa have stylishly lifted the timeless beauty secrets of fine satin into a full line of luxury spa and retail products called Satin Serenity.

"We look forward to continuing with our vision of developing timeless, durable,
and exquisitely beautiful products.

Crista Sellman-Jones & Lisa Damron 
Co-Founders, Satin Serenity