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Satin Serenity Pillow Talk Blog

Co-Founders Crista & Lisa talk about what is still on their mind when their head hits the pillow.

My Little Secret

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 

Posted by Crista Sellman-Jones, Co-Founder
Satin Pillowcases is the secretOver thirty years ago, my grandmother let me in on a little family secret- a beauty secret that had been passed through our family since the Golden Age of Hollywood. She gave me my first satin pillowcase that she had carefully made with her own hands and told me that “it would keep me from getting wrinkles when I was older, and help to grow my hair long and beautiful.” At the age of three, I really didn’t care about any beauty benefits that this bubble-gum pink, soft and silky pillowcase would bring me when I got older. I just loved how it felt on my face, and quickly began a life-long habit of “wiggling” the satin between my fingers to soothe me into falling asleep at night (which I am embarrassed to say that I still do!) Every year thereafter, the one Christmas gift I could count on receiving from Grandma was a satin pillowcase. Sometimes they were wild colors like peach and green, mauve and hot pink, and sometimes were embroidered with flowers or my name, but always they were made especially for me and each member of my family with much love as my grandmother’s Christmas gift to each of us. I still have many of the satin pillowcases that she has made me over the years, though they have been “wiggled” into near shreds on the ends, and have been laundered thousands of times, I just can’t seem to part with them!  More

Gifts for your Valentine

Tuesday, February 02, 2010 


Men Caught In The Act!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 

Posted by Crista Sellman-Jones
....Of stealing Satin Serenity pillowcases that is!  Ladies, have you blissfully fallen asleep with your satin pillowcase under your head, peacefully dreaming of protecting your hair and skin, only to awake in the morning finding your pillow is gone and under the slumbering head of your man? You’re not alone!  For years we have read your emails and answered your phone calls with complaints that your man has taken over your Satin Serenity pillow, and you have succumbed to purchasing a new one to end the nighttime battle.  Since this has turned into a global problem that women of all walks of life are now facing, we at Satin Serenity decided to investigate further.   More

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