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Co-Founders Crista & Lisa talk about what is still on their mind when their head hits the pillow.

The Art of Giving

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 

Brown paper packages, tied up in string…these are a few of my favorite things. Not long ago, I heard that it was my neighbor’s birthday.  This is a neighbor that I don’t really know well, however our kids are the same age and I’d like to get to know her better.  Well, I also happened to discover what her favorite candy bar was.  Later that day when I was out shopping, I bought her favorite candy bar - one of those super king sized bars that after you’ve finished eating it, you think…”what have I done?” and vow to never  eat another candy bar for the rest of your life.   At home, I carefully wrapped it up with pretty paper and a little bow and attached a simple handwritten card that read, “A little bird told me it was your Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day!”  I had this little bird deliver the gift.  Later, she called me explaining that she didn’t have any plans for her birthday, so it made her day to sit down and indulge in her favorite treat.  (Which is O.K. since it is her birthday, right?) More

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