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Co-Founders Crista & Lisa talk about what is still on their mind when their head hits the pillow.

Men Caught In The Act!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 

Posted by Crista Sellman-Jones
....Of stealing Satin Serenity pillowcases that is!  Ladies, have you blissfully fallen asleep with your satin pillowcase under your head, peacefully dreaming of protecting your hair and skin, only to awake in the morning finding your pillow is gone and under the slumbering head of your man? You’re not alone!  For years we have read your emails and answered your phone calls with complaints that your man has taken over your Satin Serenity pillow, and you have succumbed to purchasing a new one to end the nighttime battle.  Since this has turned into a global problem that women of all walks of life are now facing, we at Satin Serenity decided to investigate further. 


Why are men so obsessed with satin pillowcases that they would risk bodily harm and humiliation to steal one right out from underneath their sleeping loved one?  Are they truly as concerned about the beauty benefits as we are?  Or do they just love the soft, cool feeling against their face?  Like many of you, we wanted answers, and felt that it was our responsibility as the owners of the company to get them for you! 


Perhaps the answers could be found in a recent article from Men’s Health magazine, stating that “stomach sleepers can develop facial wrinkles due to years of friction between bedding and skin.  If that’s your style, switch to satin pillowcases.” (Men’s Health.  January/February 2008.  “5 Ways to Prevent a Breakdown.”)  Or perhaps it was the cosmetic surgeons, twin brothers Dr. Roberto and Dr. Maurizio Viel, who advised that you can “avoid skin wrinkles by switching your pillowcases to silk or satin, as they minimize wrinkles.”  Could these really be the reasons why our men are stealing our pillows?  Our research team was still not convinced, so we decided to go straight to the source – the Men!


Lisa and I set out to poll as many men as we could that were known “Satin Serenity addicts” to ask them why they liked sleeping on our satin pillowcases.  The most popular answer?  “It stays cool during the night,” followed closely by “I don’t know….it just feels good!”  One addict, a fireman, added “I had my best night’s sleep” after sleeping on his new satin pillowcase during his shift, no doubt!  Though the men were not as descriptive with their words as we had anticipated, and some even seemed embarrassed to be questioned about why they were sleeping on satin, one thing became crystal clear- the feeling of the pillowcase against their skin and hair far outweighed the benefits of reducing hair damage and minimizing sleep lines.  In fact, only a small number of the men polled even mentioned the beauty aspect, but did admit “I think it may be preventing some wrinkles on my face” and “I am hoping to slow my receding hair line.”  Or so they say…Lisa decided to dig a little deeper and found quite a few articles stating that men are more concerned about their looks and aging than they admit to!


The verdict?  Whether Men love the feeling of soft, cool satin on their skin or they are concerned about the health (and beauty) of their hair and skin there is one thing we know for sure-  Men love Satin Serenity pillowcases!


There have been significant increases in online purchases from men of Satin Serenity pillowcases.  Although some of these could be gifts, maybe…hopefully…they have decided to purchase one for themselves and they will not ever have to interrupt your beauty sleep again!


Beautiful Dreams,



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