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Co-Founders Crista & Lisa talk about what is still on their mind when their head hits the pillow.

Looking Outside of the Tunnel

Thursday, July 30, 2009 

Posted by Lisa Damron, Co-Founder
Owning a business has been a lot more trying than I had originally imagined.  It has taken me almost five years to begin to learn how to start balancing my life.  I say begin because I still find myself occasionally getting back into the tunnel – experiencing what I call business tunnel vision.   Since the start-up of Satin Serenity almost 5 years ago, I often found myself completely immersed in it, which is pretty much what you have to do to get a business off of the ground.   However, the difficulty lies in trying to figure out how to do this without sacrificing yourself, your family, and your friends.  This past year, I began to realize that I was neglecting some of the things that fed my soul and made me feel alive.  One of these things was spending time in nature, as I am an avid lover of the great outdoors.   

Recently, I went on a 7 mile hike with some friends into the beautiful Sawtooth Mountains near Sun Valley Idaho where I camped overnight at the edge of a crystal clear serene mountain lake.  During the hike, my mind was still stuck in “work mode” and I often found my thoughts drifting back to business and “to do” lists.  After setting up camp, spending a leisurely evening by the campfire and laughing with good friends - I began to feel myself unwind.   The next day as we began our journey back, I started noticing things along side the trail that I hadn’t noticed on the way up - mountain flowers, odd-shaped trees, and colorful rocks.  I even heard birds singing.  It was as though we were on a different trail!  You see, the beauty that surrounded me was there on the way up, it’s just that I was in business tunnel vision like I had been so many times before.  It took getting out in nature where my mind and body could rejuvenate and my soul could wake up before I could look outside of the tunnel and witness the beauty that surrounded me. 

 This is the promise that I have been making to myself everyday – to make sure I don’t neglect the things that feed my soul.  Do you get tunnel vision in your busy everyday life?  Tell us about it and share how you are able to look outside of the tunnel!   


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